TRIAD began as a national initiative sponsored by the
American Association of Retired Persons, the International
Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriff’s
Association. TRIAD's have been developed in communities
throughout Illinois and the nation to promote crime
prevention for older citizens.  Illinois TRIAD was one of the
first organizations in the nation to guide a statewide
response to the critical issue of crime against seniors.
Local TRIADs, found throughout Illinois, consists of law
enforcement officials such as county sheriffs and municipal
chiefs of police, as well as senior community advocates and
other community activists. Each TRIAD also consists of an
advisory council, which helps to determine the needs and
concerns of older citizens and suggest further initiatives.
TRIAD activities help implement crime prevention, education
and volunteer programs for older citizens. One of TRIAD’s
most notable outgrowths is the Elderly Service Officers program.
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