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2018 Illinois TRIAD Conference Presentation Proposal Form

The 2018 Illinois TRIAD Conference will be held September 11& 12, 2018 at the Two Brothers
Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway, Aurora, IL. The Illinois State TRIAD's goal is to bring together
committed public safety personnel, legal representatives, elderly rights advocates and senior
citizens for crime prevention and safety education throughout Illinois. This conference is a great
opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with seniors, public safety professionals and
senior advocates including adult protective service professionals and social workers. You may
submit as many proposals as you wish, but please include only one proposal per form. All
presentation proposals will be reviewed by the Illinois TRIAD Conference Committee. Selections
will be based on quality, relevance, focus and practical application. Proposal forms must be
submitted by
June 30 , 2018. Click here to fill out presentation proposal form.
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2018 Illinois TRIAD Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Nomination Form
The TRIAD Senior Citizen Volunteer Award is designed to encourage public safety agencies
to honor and recognize senior citizens as vital members of their department as well as
essential community liaisons.  The Illinois TRIAD is asking every public safety agency in
Illinois to review the many hours of assistance that senior citizens offer to their agencies.  
TRIAD hopes that by honoring the dedicated volunteer service provided by senior citizens,
more seniors will volunteer their time and talent at these agencies.  In addition, TRIAD
hopes to generate interest among public safety officials to implement new programs and
utilize senior citizens in an array of positions within their departments. If you have any
questions, please call Darrel Smith at 815-931-2028 or email @ volunteers will be honored at the Illinois State TRIAD
Conference at the Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway, Aurora, IL during the
Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Ceremony on September 12th.  

Nominations must be received by August 3 , 2018.  
Do you need to reach Social Services, Law Enforcement, Fire professionals or
Seniors in need of information or care?  Then this is your opportunity to network.
Fellow Illinois TRIAD Board Members:

Illinois Triad Chairman, Kane County Sheriff Don Kramer is asking all Illinois Triad Board
Members to nominate an individual for the Kathleen Quinn Award. The person you choose to
nominate should have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to coalition building and
information sharing, to promote elder abuse awareness, education, policy, or practice.

The Kathleen Quinn Award was established in 2011 to honor the work that Kathleen Quinn
has done over three decades to advocate for victims of abuse and neglect in the State of
Illinois and across the country.

The purpose of this award is to highlight an individual’s ability to bring numerous
organizations and disciplines together to share their knowledge, resources and expertise in
order to offer victims the best of all services.

Please provide a summary, describing the work of your nominee and provide details about
their multi-disciplinary approach to work successfully with other agencies through networking
and consensus building.

2018 Kathleen Quinn Award Nomination Form
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2018 Illinois TRIAD Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Nomination Form
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2018 Kathleen Quinn Award Nomination Form